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Complete range of web design and related services - professional and affordable services for businesses looking for web design in Northampton, Northamptonshire and the Midlands UK.

From brochure web sites to full e-commerce, online shopping and web marketing. This page updated 18 Mar 2018 - featuring new web design in Northampton, Kettering, Market Harborough,Wellingborough, Corby and Rugby.

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Web Design Northampton

Our web design services include everything you will need:

  • FREE initial consultation
  • Registering a new domain name
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Photography
  • Web site development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Database design and development
  • Online shopping modules
  • Customer Database/Mailshot module
  • Stock Control/Purchase Orders module
  • Hosting
  • Help and advice with promoting and marketing your site
  • Ongoing support and maintenance


2016 is turning out to be another busy year. A few of the sites recently launched in the Midlands Northampton area include:

Thomas Bird Shoes and their wholecut shoes and and Mens Chelsea Boots


Abbey Park Web Design

Abbey Park provide a range of web design services, from simple but stylish ‘brochure’ sites, to sophisticated online shop, e-commerce and web marketing solutions. We have many clients in the Midlands, in and around Leicester and Northampton, as well as London and around the UK. Our services include:

Initial consultation and planning

Some of our clients are new to the internet while others may already have a web site and are looking for a new web design, re-branding  or relaunch. Perhaps you have an existing site and want to start selling on the web? We are always happy to discuss new ideas with potential clients that see a niche for marketing a new product or service via the internet.   This may involve some research of the market and the likely competition, and evaluation of the various options available.

Registering a new domain name

We can help with both the selection and purchase of your preferred web site domain name eg

Graphic design

Abbey Park can provide graphic design for company logos, web design etc. Alternatively if you already have a graphic designer, we can work with them to turn their web design into a working and effective web site.

Web design

A web site has to look good to do its job, but various factors have to be considered to produce the optimum web design. Who are the likely users, and what are their needs and expectations? How well does the web design fit in with the target market, while still having something 'extra'? We can produce a working prototype to test how the web site might feel to likely visitors. This helps to iron out any issues that would annoy or confuse visitors. More about our web design services.

Web design photography

Web sites need good images to stand out. This counts for both the products on sale and the other corporate and lifestyle photos. Abbey Park offer product photography studio services to make your products look great within your web design. And we can protect your photos with your company logo in the form of a watermark.

Web site development

Web site coding standards are becoming increasingly important to for example ensure that you web site performs the same across different browsers and platforms eg Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, iPhone etc. All Abbey Park web designs are checked for compliance with standards and cross browser compability.. We also use open industry software in our developments such as MYSQL database and PHP scripting. Web sites are updated to keep up with latest versions to ensure compatability and compliance with latest security improvements.

Search engine optimisation

Every customer wants their web site to be number one in the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Of course all the competiton do as well. The general term for this area is search engine optimisation. There is a lot of information relating to this on the web, both good and bad. It is important to get the process right or you could actually make the ranking worse rather than better. There are many ways we can help, both in the 'on pag'e web design and coding as well as the 'off page' linking from other sites to your site. Depending on your market, competition and budget we can provide the necessary additional resources to make your web site rank well, which will often pay for itself in the extra visitors and revenues it brings.

Database design and development

Many projects require a standard on line shopping web design with the associated database for storing product information, customer information, news, special offers etc. As well as this, our clients may have more individualistic requirements based on their business. One size does not fit all and it can be beneficial to create or adapt a web database that exactly fits their needs. As mentioned above, we have skills in database design using open software such as MYSQL to create whatever design you need.

Online shopping modules

Online shop and e-commerce web sites need the standard facilities of product categories, product information, add to basket and checkout facilities. There are many other more subtle features and facilities that can make your site easier to find, easier to use and ultimately more profitable. The back end admininstration facilities too need to make it easy for you to add new products, process orders, create and promote special offers etc. We are happy to show you all this. Just call to arrange a demonstration.

Customer database/mailshot module

We can provide a customer database module to store details of both customer that have ordered and those that have contacted your web site to make enquiries. This can be a useful marketing tool and help you keep in touch with customers and possible future customers via email. You may decide to 'segment' customers by interert, types of product or service they like, spending power, geography etc. This module can be run standalone or linked with the online shopping e-commerce module.

Stock control/purchase orders module

Our Stock Control and Purchasing Module allows you to manage your stock more efficiently. You can set appropriate re-order levels and quantities to minimise stock holdings and buying in efficient amounts, while ensuring you can meet customer orders. This module links with the online shopping e-commerce module so that web orders from customers automatically deduct the correct quantities from stock.

Web hosting

We offer a range of hosting packages to suit your needs. We can advise on the most effective package depending on the likely number of visitors and data downloaded.

Help and advice with promoting and marketing your site

OK, so you love your new web design and it's out their on the web. The work doesn't stop there. There are many things you can do yourself to help promote your site and bring in additional visitors. We will advise and encourage you in this. Looking at the results of web analytic packages such as Google Analytics is a great way to see what is working and help to focus on further promotion.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Just like managing your business, your web site will need support, upgrades and occassional maintenance. This a crucial activity to make sure that it's performance continues to increase. Abbey Park offer three different levels of support. Most urgent problems can be fixed on the same business day they are reported. On day one, your web design may look fanastic, but will benefit from periodic review and upgrades as you get feedback from customers on how you can make improvements.

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